Watermark: Stone-Campbell in the 21st Century - written produced and directed by Jerry L. Jackson










The Filmmakers

An award-winning team working to bring a compelling and insightful exploration of the Stone-Campbell heritage, it's power and relevance in the 21st Century.

Jerry L. Jackson - writer/producer/director
Jerry is an award-winning feature writer/producer/director ("Wrestling With God" - New York, Chicago, and Houston International Film Festivals, CINE Golden Eagles, CINDY Award, International Angel Award, etc.). His resume also includes documentaries ("Partners In The Journey", now prepping "The Calling") and music videos (Tiffany Heflin, "Do Ya Know" - Warrior Records).

He began his professional career as a cinematographer/editor on a series of educational films for Coronet Films while still in high school.  Several low budget features and a stint as a Production Manager at a PBS affiliate rounded out Jerry's college years.

Producer/director Sydney Pollack ("Tootsie", "Out Of Africa") brought him to Los Angeles after graduation from the University of Iowa where Jerry had participated in several special projects for the widely respected International Writers Workshop. 

After several years developing material for Mr. Pollack, Jerry began a series of writing/producing deals with United Artists and Walt Disney Studios.

Jerry is an Elder in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and an active member of the Writers Guild of America (a founding member of the Writers Education Committee, chairs the New Members Committee, served on the Nominating Committee, the Committee Advisory Panel, and the New Media Committee where he co-authored the first WGA contract for interactive writers), was an original member of the UCLA Extension Multimedia Curriculum Advisory Board, served on the Executive Board of the International Interactive Communications Society (IICS) and co-founded the IICS Hollywood Special Interest Group.  Since 1999, Jerry has been a sponsor/programmer/panelist at the City of the Angels Film Festival, and was a finals judge for the 2002 International Angel Awards for Excellence In Media and the 2004 Gabriel Awards.

WATERMARK: Stone-Campbell in the 21st Century - A New Video from the Writer/Director of WRESTLING WITH GOD

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