Watermark: Stone-Campbell in the 21st Century - written produced and directed by Jerry L. Jackson










The Project

A new video. A conversation among the best and brightest voices from the front lines of the myriad churches evolved from the 19th century Stone-Campbell movement. That movement was born of a passionate desire to strip away layers of man-made doctrine and interpretation in order to return the Christian faith to the teachings of Christ and nothing else.

Another part of that intention was Christian Unity. Taking those two noble impulses into today's world, this video explores how that courageous and richly American history translates for individuals, congregations and our denominations. How has the power of the intention fared in the river of history? How does the diversity of today's American culture interpret, adapt and benefit from the experience of the 19th Century? How do we measure it? How do we move it forward?

This is a passionate and adventurous dialogue, filled with diverse voices exploring answers to those and other questions that will help us all focus, not just on where we've been, but where the watermark for our faith and our churches must be in the 21st century.

Why Now?

This is the 200th anniversary of Thomas Campbell's "Declaration and Address" which is one of the cornerstone events leading to the establishment of the churches in the Stone-Campbell heritage. Now is the time for the dialogue about contemporary context and institutional relevance.

WATERMARK: Stone-Campbell in the 21st Century - A New Video from the Writer/Director of WRESTLING WITH GOD

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